Welcome to our new,  improved website!  And to our brand-new office blog!

In this space we will offer a range of information – discussion about your health and wellness, explanations and insights on chiropractic, testimonials from our patients, and links to a diverse group of positive, uplifting, and wellness-centered stories and websites.

I offer these opening words as we begin this journey:  Peace.  May you find something here to feed your mind and your spirit, your wellness and your health.  Know that we are committed to a path of healing, and that we look forward to discussions that improve each of us, even if only in small increments.  And thank you for taking the time to join us.

If you have any specific topics that you’d like to see discussed, or any questions you would like highlighted, let us know in the comments.  We have a number of entries already planned, but would love to have your posts placed at the head of the line!  And, once again – Welcome!

In health,

Dr. Alex

About the author

Alexander Loudon VI, D.C. (Dr. Alex to his patients) is the owner and healthcare provider at our office.

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